The following resources help Quilt members further their success in research and education networking and advance connections to one another and the greater community.

Job Board

These postings represent employment opportunities available across our member organizations. The goal is to provide job seekers with a one-stop resource for locating positions of interest in this unique community. Members are encouraged to contact Tracey ( to add their openings here.

Research Resources

As part of the national and international R&E networking ecosystem, regional networks are key community leaders and partners in enabling a scalable cyberinfrastructure platform. This scalable cyberinfrastructure platform provides friction-free data access, movement, computation and storage for the purpose of accelerating science, research, and scholarship.

Grant and Program Announcements

In an effort to support our Quilt members in being apprised of national funding and grant opportunities, this announcement board will increase exposure on a variety of funding and grant opportunities that are relevant to our community.