About Us

The Quilt is the national coalition of non-profit U.S. regional research and education networks representing 43 networks across the country. Members of The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 900 universities and thousands of other educational and community anchor institutions.  Through the collaborative forum of The Quilt, member organizations have access to a broader set of expertise and knowledge than any single organization working on its own.  Only through working together do we collectively advance our common public service mission.

Through The Quilt, non-profit regional research and education networks collaborate to develop,  deploy and operate advanced cyberinfrastructure that enables innovation in research and education.


  • Be the forum for sharing, collaboration, and continuous learning.
  • Foster a healthy R&E community ecosystem.
  • Promote the development, deployment, and operation of advanced cyberinfrastructure for research and education.

The Quilt is a national community of innovators with a track record of success, guided by seven operating principles. In addition to members holding each other accountable to “live” the principles, we expect our external partners to also apply these principles in working with us in The Quilt.

  • For the Common Good: The Quilt works for the common good of its membership. It reaches consensus among its members, through identifying and expressing the common views on areas of key importance, while respecting the individual decisions of members related to their specific organizations and business models.
  • Member powered: Members set policy, strategic direction, and contribute resources toward accomplishing Quilt goals.
  • Transparency and Trust: The Quilt is a trusted forum that operates in an open and transparent manner.
  • Collaborate: All members contribute through collaboration to collectively advance research & education networking by solving problems and learning together as well as developing and exchanging best practices.
  • Inform and Educate: The Quilt serves as a single point of contact and a national communication point, to engage with partners and to inform and educate the vital role of research and education networks for our country’s academic and research goals.
  • Innovate with Agility: Collaborations among members quickly focus on new ways to evolve, advance and improve the delivery of cyberinfrastructure and applications for member participants.
  • Leverage our Community of Practice: Members leverage the collective consortia knowledge, buying power, and practical wisdom, contributing to the value each member provides to their participants.