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The Quilt offers a number of programs designed to facilitate collaboration among Quilt participants to help them stay on the innovation edge in research and education networking, to advocate on behalf of Quilt members and to leverage the strength of the community to help Quilt members procure, deploy and deliver highly cost-efficient, reliable advanced networking services and applications.

Commodity Internet Services (CIS) Program

The Quilt leverages the collective purchasing power of its participants to enable The Quilt community to purchase advanced network services at a lower cost. Towards this goal, The Quilt screens and qualifies CIS vendors who meet the community’s requirements through a Quilt RFP process and then negotiates favorable pricing with Quilt-approved CIS vendors.

Networking CEO Rountable

The Networking CEO Roundtable, a program of the Quilt, made up of CEO representatives who recognize the value of collecting, analyzing and sharing member business information for the purposes of identifying best practices, documenting collective knowledge for other regional and state networking efforts and to collaborate on services and applications that support our constituencies. The CEO-RT is committed to coordinating data collection efforts to best serve members for the benefit of the research and education networking community.

VMware Convenience Pricing Program

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. The goal of this RFP effort was to identify a distribution partner, to provide world-class customer support and be willing and able to partner in the delivery of VMware solutions for the publicly-missioned institutions that are supported by our community of research and education networks throughout the United States. The intent of this RFP was to identify and contract with a VMware Distribution Partner who recognize the wealth of opportunities that exist through constructive partnerships with The Quilt and the research and education networking community.

Quilt R&E Community Workshops

Promoting collaboration, best-practives exchange and operational excellence among its partcipants is a Quilt priority. In the last 10 years, the optical network infrasructure deployed by Quilt members has transformed the network capabilities that are available today to research and education (R&E).