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As part of the national and international R&E networking ecosystem, regional networks are key community leaders and partners in enabling a scalable cyberinfrastructure platform. This scalable cyberinfrastructure platform provides friction-free data access, movement, computation and storage for the purpose of accelerating science, research, and scholarship.

Snapshot of Quilt Members and National Research Platform Collaborations

2019 Quilt Research Engagement Goals

Through The Quilt, there are significant opportunities across our regional networking community to share experiences and to learn from those with active programs and initiatives that facilitate the use of cyberinfrastructure resources by scientists, researchers and scholars at member institutions.

Our goals are to leverage The Quilt’s role as convener of regional networks and their stakeholders on topics of interest on cyberinfrastructure deployment, network performance, and research outreach as well as engage with other stakeholder organizations and on national research platform collaborations.

2019 Areas of Focus

  • Host 2019 NSF CC* and CICI Programs PI Workshop as co-PI with KINBER – NSF Award # 1936847
  • Actively engage with other national community partners on CI facilitation, network performance, and research engagement including, Internet2, ESnet, NSF, CaRCC, XSEDE Campus Champions, EPOC, TNRP, Open Science Grid, Globus and others
  • Create a forum to share materials and learnings across NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure Programs for Regional Connectivity for Small Institutions of Higher Education and Cyber Team-Research and Education CI-based Regional Facilitation awards. For more information, see our NSF Regional Collaborations CC*Awards Page (coming soon).


Campus Research Computing Consortium

ESnet Faster Data

ESnet Friday CI Engineer Brown Bag Talks – Talk Schedule and Recordings

KINBER Compilation of Research Resources

Multi-Institutional NSF Researcher Collaborations Identification Tool (developed by Great Plains Network)

National Research Engagement Performance and Outreach Center (EPOC)

NSF Sample Campus and Regional Cyberinfrastructure Plans

Open Science Grid

Pacific Research Platform

XSEDE Campus Champions Program

XSEDE Campus Champions and Their Regional Networks