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2017 NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure and Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure PI Workshop

Albuquerque skyline
NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure
and Cybersecurity for
Cyberinfrastructure PI Workshop

Dates: October 2 – 4, 2017
Location: Downtown Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, NM

About the Meeting
This workshop builds upon the success of past NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure CC) and NSF Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (CICI) PI workshops.  This fall’s workshop will provide an opportunity for NSF award recipients to meet in-person, exchange project findings, interact with national cyberinfrastructure experts and collaborate across program areas, project areas, and project regions. The 2017 PI Workshop will be co-located with two other community meetings, the ESnet Site Coordinators Committee (ESCC) meeting and The Quilt Fall Member Meeting. The workshop will promote dialogue across a range of important and timely topics in campus networking including the larger context of campus cyberinfrastructure and cyberinfrastructure security. Joint programming with the other two colocated event participants will provide an opportunity to develop stronger ties between campus cyberinfrastructure, network security, science driven applications and regional networks as technical and cyberinfrastructure resources.

2017 Workshop Survey

The registration fee to attend the PI workshop is $0 for the first award representative, $200 for the second award project representative. Maximum 2 representatives per award. Registration closed Monday, September 18 at 5 PM Pacific Time.

PI Workshop Checklist

Use the link below to the PI Workshop Checklist to make travel arrangements, and prepare project materials in advance of the workshop.

General NSF PI Workshop Schedule

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm CI Engineer/ Cyber Team/WINS Pre-Workshop Breakout
This session will be devoted to the cyberinfrastructure practitioner/facilitation area of activities
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM NSF CC and CICI PI Workshop
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Colocated Networking Event – ESCC/NSF PIs/The Quilt
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM NSF CC and CICI PI Workshop

For questions about the NSF Fall 2017 CC and CICI Programs PI Workshop, please use the following contacts:

  • For  PI Workshop logistics – contact Jennifer Griffin at griffin@thequilt.net
  • For PI Workshop agenda questions – contact Wendy Huntoon at huntoon@kinber.org
  • For individual project questions for CC Projects – contact Kevin Thompson at kthompso@nsf.gov
  • For individual project questions for CICI Projects – contact Anita Nikolich at anikolic@nsf.gov

Past Presentations
Presentations from previous NSF CC and CICI PI Workshops can be found through the links below: