The Quilt’s OpenFlow Technologies Webinar Series

Since launching our Quilt webinar series on OpenFlow technologies in the last month, I’ve been quite pleased with the participation and positive feedback I’ve been getting from those who joined us.

In our first session, we were fortunate to have Steve Garrison, Pica8’s VP of product marketing, co-host a discussion with his colleague David Liu, Pica8’s chief architect, and Quilt member Bill Owens of NYSERNet, who has been working with OpenFlow for the past year and is the Quilt vendor liaison with Pica8. David and Bill walked us through a detailed example involving an OpenFlow open-source controller and open-source virtual switch, and a physical switch that supports this Layer 2 communications protocol. You can access the Pica8 presentation here: Quilt Webcast 2001-30-12.pdf

In our second webinar, I was joined by Matrix Integration vice president Chad Williams and HP Networking’s Steve Brar. Steve runs product marketing for HP’s enterprise campus networking infrastructure and software-defined networking solutions. We learned about HP’s SDN technologies, which are targeted at simplifying networks and improving agility across the organization. Access the presentation from this webinar here: The Quilt Webinar.pdf

These webinars are not only open to The Quilt’s members and its authorized buyers for its consortium purchase program, but also to any member of our R&E networking community who wishes to join. If your organization or institution is thinking about deploying OpenFlow technology, you won’t want to miss any of the upcoming webinars from other Authorized Quilt Providers. If you wish to be added to our announcement list for the upcoming webinars, please drop me a line at