2019 VMware and Related Offerings Convenience Pricing Program Request for Proposals

The Quilt is engaging in a national review of distribution partners for VMware and Related Offerings. This public Request for Proposal (RFP) is the formal mechanism for this review. You will find the complete RFP materials available for download here.

The goal of this RFP effort is to identify a distribution partner for VMware and related service offerings that will provide world-class customer support. They should be willing and able to partner in the delivery of 3rd Party solutions for the publicly-missioned institutions that are supported by our community of research and education networks throughout the United States. The intent of this RFP is to identify and contract with a Distribution Partner that recognizes the wealth of opportunities that exist through constructive partnerships with The Quilt and the research and education networking community.

We will look to our distribution partner to provide pricing discounts appropriate to the type of trusted relationships and scale of institutions our Quilt members serve across the country. We expect sound, reliable, and responsive administrative capabilities.

2019 VMware and Related Offerings RFP Calendar

RFP ReleaseJanuary 4, 2019
Non-Binding Letter of Intent to Respond DueJanuary 18, 2019
RFP Question and Response Window EndsJanuary 30, 2019
Due Date for RFP Submission to The Quilt (11:59 pm EST)February 15, 2019
Distribution Provider Selected to be VMware and Related Offerings Distribution Partner  Authorized Quilt Provider (AQP)April 12, 2019
VMware and Related Offerings Distribution Partner Master Services Agreement SignedWeek of May 17, 2019

2019 VMware RFP Documents
The components of the RFP are available below:

  1. VMware and Related Offerings RFP Instructions (MS doc)
  2. VMware and Related Offerings RFP (MS doc)
  3. Exhibit A – The Quilt VMware AQB List (PDF)
  4. Exhibit B – Sample Master Services Agreement (PDF)
  5. Exhibit C – The Quilt 2019 VMware and Related Product Terms and Conditions Matrix (MS xls)

Where & When to Submit your Proposals, and Quilt Contact

A non-binding Letter of Intent and Questions should be sent electronically by the dates listed above. Please e-mail to David Dennis at quiltvmwarerfp@thequilt.net

Item # 2 along with any materials requested in these documents must be completed and returned to the Quilt. This set of materials will comprise the provider’s response to this RFP and it is due back to the Quilt not later than February 18, 2019 by 11:59 pm ET. All RFP submissions are to be uploaded by the Distribution Partner to an individual and secure Partner Page maintained by The Quilt through its Basecamp hub. Access information and submission hub use instructions will be forwarded under separate cover to individual respondents upon receipt of a non-binding Letter of Intent to Respond. If you did not receive the hub instructions or your password information, please contact Jennifer Griffin at griffin@thequilt.net.

RFP Documents must be in a .pdf or Microsoft Office software format. This is the only format in which RFP documents will be accepted.

For questions on any of these components or process, please contact David Dennis at: quiltvmwarerfp@thequilt.net

Summary of Common Questions about Being an Authorized Quilt Provider

Q: How many authorized Distribution Partners will there be?
A: The Quilt reserves the right to select multiple distribution partners to support its members nationwide.

Q: Are Quilt participants required to purchase from the authorized Distribution Partners?
A: No. While we expect that there will be significant advantages to The Quilt participants to purchase from an Authorized Quilt Provider for services, participants are free to choose their own solutions based on their individual needs.

Q: Who are the Authorized Quilt Buyers?
A: The administrative structure of The Quilt participants varies from one regional network aggregator to another. In some cases, the aggregator will be the only purchaser of solutions; in other cases, the individual member entities of the aggregator may be the purchasers. Since this varies from region to region, The Quilt maintains a list of organizations and their contacts who are allowed to purchase services under the auspices of The Quilt AQP agreements. These authorized purchasing entities are called Authorized Quilt Buyers (“AQB”). See “Exhibit A” of the “RFP Response Form”, attached, for the current list of AQBs. Note, this list can and does change over time and for the purposes of the RFP, the contacts are not provided.

Q: What are the negotiating requirements for an AQP?
A: The pricing quoted in the RFP response is the only pricing that an Authorized Quilt Provider (“AQP”) may offer to an AQB. AQPs may of course offer pricing outside of the RFP response to customers not on the AQB list. If an AQP wishes to offer lower pricing to an AQB than that which was quoted in their Master Service Agreement (MSA) with The Quilt, then the AQP must amend The Quilt MSA to make the lowest pricing available to all the AQBs willing to purchase under like scenarios. Amendments will be considered at any time.