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Register now for 2020 Presidential Primary Sources Project

Registration is now open the 2020 Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP) program series.

PPSP is an interactive, distance-learning program in collaboration with numerous National Park Sites and Presidential Libraries around the country. These sites present a series of free, 45-minute interactive videoconferencing programs aimed at students in grades 4-12.

Through the use of primary source documents and interactive videoconferencing, the 2020 program series will take students on a journey through the historical legacies of our presidents. By the conclusion of each session, students will have gained a greater understanding of our nation’s presidents, and how they shaped the past and present of our country.

The series will run from January through March 2020.

Free registration is now open, so feel free to visit the project web page for more information and to sign up today! Or, for more details, download this brochure.

If you have any questions, reach out to Therese Perlowski, program manager, Internet2 Community Anchor Program (CAP), at cap@internet2.edu.

The Quilt to present on CC*IIE at Internet2 Global Summit

The 2015 Internet2 Global Summit is being held through Thursday at the Renaissance Washington D.C. Downtown Hotel. Building on the success of the 2014 event, the theme for this year is “Community: Leading the way.”

The Quilt will lead a panel discussion on Wednesday geared towards R&E networks on Advanced Networking: Regional Collaboration Through its Campus Cyberinfrastructure – Infrastructure, Innovation and Engineering (CC*IIE) program.

The National Science Foundation funded five R&E networks for regional collaboration projects. These projects will disseminate information regarding advanced networking techniques, build bridges to distributed science communities, and share insights into technology options that can be tailored to solve advanced networking challenges faced by science collaborators and projects.

This session scheduled from 3 to 4 p.m. EDT in The Grand Ballroom will be available live online via Netcast.

Regional network representatives will showcase several of these innovative projects to demonstrate the key role of the regional networks in fostering collaboration among member institutions. Followed by this overview, the group will turn to a specific example of how the long history of collaboration and innovation among Ohio’s regional network community fostered by OARnet has been an engine in the success of several of its members receiving NSF CC*NIE/CC*IIE awards.

The scheduled panelists to be featured include Paul Schopis from Quilt Member OARnet; Marla Meehl UCAR / NCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research); James von Oehsen of Clemson University; Thomas Skill of the University of Dayton; Roger Bielefeld Case Western Reserve University; Bruce Burton of the University of Cincinnati; Claude Garelik from the South Dakota Board of Regents; and Patricia Campbell from Quilt Member KINBER. The panel will be moderated by The Quilt President and CEO Jen Leasure.

“These awards were achieved through mutual support among constituents and the collaborative spirit of our R&E networking community. I’m looking forward to the discussion on Wednesday as we examine these projects more closely,” said Leasure.

The Global Summit is Internet2’s annual meeting that showcases how the R&E community is transforming the way networking is conceived and conducted. The 2015 meeting will focus on the advancement of research and education capabilities through collaborative innovations in IT infrastructure and applications and will feature keynote addresses from top R&E leaders, presentations from noted experts, and sessions focused on partnerships and advanced technologies. Internet2 Network Services also will give updates on efforts related to operational excellence, planning for the next iteration of the Internet2 Network, and a new security effort.

Most, if not all, plenary sessions will be available through live streaming online.

The Quilt welcomes CAAREN as our newest affiliate member

The Quilt is pleased to welcome the Capital Area Advanced Research and Education Network (CAAREN) as our newest affiliate member. CAAREN is working to facilitate world-class research, education and knowledge sharing in the nation’s capital.

Powered by the George Washington University, CAAREN is an initiative designed to build a high-performance research and education network infrastructure serving the Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia areas.

CAAREN is partnering with DC-Net, a program managed by the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), to reach public and private K-12 schools, public libraries, museums, hospitals and independent research organizations as part of the Sponsored Education Group Participants (SEGP) program at Internet2 under the United States Unified Community Anchor Network (U.S. UCAN).

Their goal is to bring the rich capabilities of the Internet2 community deeper into the communities around research institutions. Also, using the George Washington University’s dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) infrastructure, CAAREN has established a connection to Internet2’s established fiber paths throughout the country and will be looking to connect individual customers to this network in situations where commercial service providers are unable to do so.

CAAREN is a research network built to support the most demanding research, with a dedicated 100Gbps connection to Internet2’s Advanced Layer 2 Service (AL2S).  The network consists of a Juniper MX480 with 100Gbps, 10Gbps and 1Gbps interfaces. To reach Internet2, they use GW’s DWDM infrastructure.  Currently, they have four circuits enabled to reach the Advanced Layer 3 Service IP services nodes in Washington and New York (IPv4 and IPv6 are on separate circuits, for a total of four).

“We are happy to welcome CAAREN to The Quilt,” said Quilt President and CEO Jen Leasure. “This new network will greatly enhance collaboration and reduce barriers to research, education and health applications to support the DC area.”

To learn more about the CAAREN, visit www.caaren.org or follow them on Twitter @CAARENgw.