WVNET and KINBER’s PennREN Network in Pennsylvania Establish New Cross-Connection Between Networks

The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER) and West Virginia Network (WVNET) recently turned up a new fiber-optic peering connection between the two networks in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. KINBER, Pennsylvania’s statewide research, education and community network and trusted technology partner, provides advanced networking infrastructure and services to non-profit organizations and fosters collaboration between Pennsylvania-based organizations for value-added services such as Internet2 connectivity, realistic high-definition video, real-time videoconferencing, and data sharing. WVNET is a dynamic service organization providing telecommunications and computing services to West Virginia to higher education, K-12, libraries, state government and non-profits.

The new 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) fiber-optic connection now provides greater capacity and speed between Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Vice Chancellor for Technology and WVNET Director Dan O’Hanlon comments, “In these modern times, the speed of a connection is crucial for our customers. The cross-connect between WVNET and PennREN will help speed up connectivity between the two statewide networks in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and enable future enhanced connectivity to the Internet as well as to Internet2. WVNET is constantly seeking out opportunities to make our connections stronger, faster and safer.”

WVNET and PennREN are not strangers to each other since they are both regional network members of Internet2. This new network peering partnership will further their relationship. The new connection is a great benefit for KINBER and WVNET members and connected institutions, enabling better network connectivity and access to a broader range of network based services and applications.

“By working together on the direct connection between the two state networks, KINBER and WVNET are able to increase services to our communities in Pennsylvania and West Virginia,” said Wendy Huntoon, president and CEO of KINBER. “Through this new peering connection, both organizations are now better positioned to enable our communities for enhanced community networking, public safety and educational applications and services between the two states now and in the future.”

The new high speed peering connection with WVNET is the first of several planned peering connections with other state and regional networks underway for KINBER.

Read the full press release on the KINBER website.