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Wewoka Public Schools Advances Technology Initiatives Post Pandemic to Better Serve the District and Meet Educational Goals

Wewoka Public Schools has implemented new initiatives since the COVID pandemic to meet the needs of students and teachers in the district. Technological advancements within the district include providing one device per student for grades K-12. This is an upgrade from the one device per student for just grades 9-12 previously. The district will soon expand to two Chromebook devices per student in grades 1-8. Students in those grades will have both take-home devices and classroom devices. The new changes will also increase device lifespan and eliminate issues in the classroom by increasing the availability of devices.

Other exciting news from the school district includes the selection of 30 Wewoka teachers to receive grants from the Oklahoma State Department of Education that will help improve student instruction, behavior, skills and mental health. This provides new resources for the district and aids in positive student development for the future.

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