Special Michigan Cyber Range Offerings for Members of The Quilt

February 6, 2014

Ann Arbor, Mich. — Merit Network announced today at The Quilt’s annual meeting a special savings programs on Michigan Cyber Range courses and Merit Secure Sandbox for members of The Quilt, the national coalition of advanced regional networks for research and education.

“The Michigan Cyber Range provides cybersecurity courses and infrastructure that are unique and provide great value to members of The Quilt,” said Don Welch, president and CEO of Merit Network. “Quilt members can offer these courses and Merit Secure Sandbox to their member organizations at reduced prices.”

“Merit’s Cyber Range service offering to other Quilt members is yet another way Quilt members collaborate with one another to leverage specific member experience and expertise for the benefit of the research and education network community,” said Jen Leasure, president and CEO of The Quilt. “We look forward to continuing to grow our Quilt member-to-member service catalog and facilitate the exchange of services among our Quilt members who understand, create and deliver services in a manner consistent with the way Quilt member institutions desire to utilize them.”

The Michigan Cyber Range offers numerous cybersecurity certification courses throughout the year online and in-person. Through the exclusive program with Merit, organizations can get 10 percent off of cybersecurity training. Each course includes a certification test provided by Mile2, a respected provider of cybersecurity certifications. For a current schedule of classes, please see: http://www.merit.edu/cyberrange/

In addition, members of The Quilt can provide 10% to 30% off on Merit Secure Sandbox to their member organizations. Merit Secure Sandbox is a highly secure platform that organizations can use for their own cybersecurity training purposes, for cybersecurity practice exercises, and for software testing.

“Merit Secure Sandbox is an innovative cybersecurity resource that an organization can use for their own educational purposes. They can let their students try cybersecurity techniques and procedures in an enclosed environment that is completely separated from the Internet and their own network. It provides a high level of security and safety while giving students and instructors the freedom to practice real-world situations,” Welch said.

Members of The Quilt should contact Merit Network by phone at 734-527-5785 or by email atsales@merit.edu for more information about these exclusive discount programs.