R&E Networks in CA, OR, and WA Announce Collaborative Support for COVID-19 Western States Pact

Statewide research and education networks in California, Oregon, and Washington have joined to support the shared approach announced by their states’ respective leaders, Governors Gavin Newsom, Kate Brown, and Jay Inslee, this week to move toward a reopening of economic activity while safeguarding health outcomes.

CENIC, Link Oregon, and Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) offer their ultra-broadband research and education telecommunications networks and services to:

  • Support continuity of our K-12 schools, community college, and university education and educational services online;
  • Support COVID-19 research activities among our universities, supercomputing facilities, and other research sites in our three states, across the US and abroad;
  • Support online components of clinical care of COVID-19 patients among our university medical centers and their partners; and
  • Assist ISPs and carriers in rural and underserved areas who need additional temporary network capacity and/or network strategies for medical, educational, and other community anchor institutions.

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