Get involved, improve performance and close the gaps in research and academic data transfer

What is the value of solid science and research when it’s being done in a vacuum? Almost none.

Without an agile and transparent method for conveying data between experimental source, processing facilities, long-term storage, and the many disparate collaborators, results can be lost or misinterpreted, and the publication or dissemination of valuable solutions may be delayed.

Data mobility is critical to the process of science. So, what better way to improve the speed and accuracy of this process than to invite the top cyberinfrastructure specialists in the R&E community to demonstrate what they know in a controlled, observable exhibition of their skills and expertise?

Cyberinfrastructure experts are invited to participate in a unique exhibition, relying upon reference data sets and planned campus CI components to measure and improve their scientific data movement capabilities. Standout participants will be spotlighted at the National Science Foundation Campus Cyberinfrastructure and Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure PI Meetings next week in Minneapolis, Minn., which is collocated with our 2019 Fall Member Meeting.

Entrants can begin applying now and participation is open through 2020 to anyone with an interest in cybersecurity, cyberinfrastructure, data collection and management, or just pure science.

Interested in participating?

  • Create a 1-to 2-page description of the network and data architecture for your campus environment. A template has been made available for you.
  • Prepare an environment to transfer reference data sets. Use a “local” data transfer machine and the Globus Connect software. If possible, use a machine that is already functioning for scientific use rather than a purpose-built resource (e.g. let this be as close to production as you can). Request help at
  • Download the reference data sets and record the results. Use this webpage for details.
  • Share your results:
    • Use the standardized spreadsheet found here.
    • Submit your results here.
  • To receive one-on-one assistance from mentors at the Engagement and Performance Operations Center, email your request to

Feel free to share this event with friends and colleagues. A webinar was held on Aug. 30 to discuss these events in more detail. It is archived and available for viewing here.

To get moving on seeing how to best move your data, visit this website for more information.