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MOREnet celebrates 30 years during a year to remember

In 1991, MOREnet was asked to link together 13 Missouri public colleges and universities in order to share research using the electronic interchange later to be named the World Wide Web or Internet. In 1992, the connection was extended to two-year public, as well as private, higher education institutions.

Over the next decade, MOREnet grew rapidly and was soon providing both a connection and required training as well as a Membership Service Package, offering technology services to complement the broadband connection. By 1993, there was a collaboration between the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Secretary of State’s Office, the Missouri Office of Administration and the Department of Higher Education, for MOREnet to begin delivering secure, reliable and robust internet connectivity and technology services to all of our member organizations.

MOREnet’s robust and secure fiber backbone and network access is routinely and continually enhanced to ensure it is always ready to support the demand and performance needs for all connected members. What started with a 56 Kbps network has become a 100 Gbps backbone with the groundwork laid to meet future demands and support capacities of up to 1 Terabit per optical path. To see the timeline of events leading to that growth, check out the Information and Impact publication on our website.

Today, just 30 short years later, MOREnet is a proud technology partner to a member-driven consortium serving 728 organizations in Missouri’s academia and public sector. We know how important a forward-thinking, service-oriented business model is to advance the technology needs of our members.

We believe our organization’s endurance can be credited to not only a better broadband connection, wrapped in essential services, but also a better human connection. Some experts say that employee longevity can be an indicator that an organization is growing and staying relevant, as length of service allows team members to develop a complex understanding of the market, products and services.  At MOREnet, we’re pleased to share that 43 percent of our workforce has been at the job over 20 years! We believe having a workforce of experienced employees who can easily solve complex problems means first-class customer service, and the most relevant and trusted products available for our members. 

We couldn’t be more proud of the MOREnet team and their dedication to supporting our members and our mission. Here’s to the next 30 years!