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MCNC Creates Value by Putting Clients First

The Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC) is more than just the operator of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN). It is a valuable technology resource and partner benefiting North Carolina.

MCNC believes reliable, fast, and affordable Internet is a basic requirement for being a productive citizen in the 21st century. After 40 years of success, MCNC has established an integrated marketing and communications model that focuses on providing excellent and expanding technology solutions along with managed services to clients. This demonstrates that NCREN, and the expertise of the staff that operates it, is what differentiates MCNC and brings its clients the greatest return on their investment.

Integrated marketing and communications break down barriers between departments and create a unified and seamless experience for clients to interact with the organization. All aspects of marketing and communications such as advertising, public relations, direct marketing and social media, work together as one cohesive force. While this approach is not new, it still is relevant today; there are more marketing channels now than ever before, attention spans are short, and information comes constantly from a variety of sources.

MCNC understands the necessary harmony needed between marketing and communications as a holistic strategy to grow and message all the great things they do and offer across all channels. Their integrated communication plan creates mutually-positive relationships between clients and staff. The overall result is a powerful bridge and client engagement that MCNC and other Research and Education Networks (RENS) find to be genuine and especially valuable.

With their customer-first approach, MCNC has helped to improve local economies by leveraging advanced technology, sizable expertise, and a vast 4,000-mile fiber network to develop and implement managed services so each and every community can successfully address their modern technology challenges. MCNC considers the client in everything they do.

Aligning with what’s important to clients, ensures the consistent production of excellent and expanding technology solutions and services available through MCNC. Carefully and strategically linking messaging together, MCNC is properly defining the fully-integrated roles of marketing and communications as it relates to several key and strategic areas of the organization.

Smart broadband for North Carolina starts with MCNC, and MCNC continues to make great strides to making North Carolina the most connected state in the country. Putting clients first has successfully led to the development and maintenance of good company-client relationships.