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2021 NSF Virtual CC* PI Workshop – Checklist

14 – 15 & 21 – 22, 2021
9:00am-12:00pm Pacific / 12:00-3:00pm Eastern

Welcome to your workshop preparation guide. By taking each of the steps below, you’ll be ready for the fall workshop.

1. Have you registered? 
2. Virtual Business Cards (VBCs): We ask that each PI complete a VBC in order to support post-workshop communication across PIs and projects. VBCs will be added to our online repository for active projects as part of the workshop materials.

Did you create a Principal Investigator Virtual Business Card (VBC) for your award?
If not, download the VBC Template below to create your Virtual Business Card for the 2021 PI Workshop.
Once complete, attach and submit your VBC via email:

3. Quad Charts: We ask that each project team complete a project quad chart that captures key project information. We will reference these during the workshop presentations and they serve as source material for NSF presentations as well as support for post-workshop communication across the different projects.

Have you submitted your project’s Quad Chart?
To create and submit your project card for the 2021 PI Workshop, download the Quad Chart Template.
Once complete, attach and submit your Quad Chart via email:

Questions about items on the Checklist? Please contact Tracey Norris.