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September 17-19, 2024
The Quilt Member Meeting (TBD)
February 4-6, 2025
The Quilt Winter Member Meeting (Tempe, AZ)

2011 CEO Roundtable Meeting – Roster

Registered Participants

There are 20 registered attendees

Last First Organization
Abshere Shaun Associate Director WiscNet
Charles John Chief Operations Officer, CENIC
Chitwood Marianne Operations Manager, I-Light Network, IU
Collie Bob Education Networks of America
Gillispie John Executive Director MOREnet
Griffin Jennifer Program Coordinator, The Quilt
Jones Guy Executive Director MDREN
Lance Timothy NYSERNet
Laskaris George CEO NJEDge.Net
Leasure Jen The Quilt
Lois David Director WiscNet
Malmberg Norwin University System of Maryland
Nelson Gayle Education Networks of America
Petersen Mike Executive Director Utah Education Network
Reese David CTO CENIC
Roos Linda Director, State and Regional Networks , I2
Sarjeant Veronica Chief Operations Officer – FLR
Shah Pankaj Executive Director – OARnet
Stewart Jim Technical Services Director, UEN
Welch Don Merit Network

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Meeting Location and Hotel
Registered Participants
DRAFT Agenda