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2015 Winter Member Meeting – Leadership Workshop

The Quilt Leadership Workshop
La Jolla, California
February 12 & 13, 2015


After very positive feedback from our original leadership workshop attendees and requests from other members, The Quilt will host a second leadership workshop at the conclusion of the 2015 Winter Member Meeting in La Jolla. This will be another opportunity for Quilt member staff to further develop its leadership skills.

Note that you need not to have attended the first workshop in September in order to participate in the second.  For those that attended the September workshop, this follow-on workshop will include new content from the Academy Leadership modules that was not covered in the first workshop.

The workshop will again be facilitated by Don Welch, President and CEO, Merit Network. Don is certified by Academy Leadership to deliver their industry leading program and has won awards from Academy Leadership on his quality of instruction.

Through this Quilt hosted workshop, Quilt member attendees will come away with a better understanding of what leadership is, its importance, and how they can become better leaders. Leadership is based on trust and this workshop focuses on ways to build trust with your team.

Leadership Workshop Content:

Aligning and Accomplishing Goals – Setting goals and key performance indicators (known as metrics), are two of the most important initiatives you will do as a leader.  Goals at each level set the organization on a path or a course to achieve higher level financial results.  Goals clarify the requirements for  resources, both human and capital,  as well as allocate funding  accordingly.

Leveraging the Power of Conflict – Develop perspective on the role conflict determines in achieving peak organizational performance.  Learn the Leader’s best conflict management strategy.  Develop a deeper understanding of your hot buttons and natural response to conflict and stress.  Learn the five conflict management strategies and when each should be used.  Learn the seven best principles for conflict leadership.

Setting Leadership Priorities – Being effective is doing the right things and doing them in order of priority. Efficient is doing things right.  Personal management is self-management.  Effective personal management is accepting responsibility to manage ourselves to do the right things and do them in order of priority.

Building High Performance Teams – Understanding the stages of team development and the critical areas for teams.  Emphasis on teams where not all members report to the leader.

Leadership Workshop Costs:

The cost of the workshop materials from Academy Leadership is $500 per attendee for the four modules of the workshop. As part of its professional development program, The Quilt will cover 50% of the workshop costs for the workshop attendee from each full Quilt member organization for a total registration fee of $250 to recover the costs of materials. A single attendee from Affiliate organizations are welcome to register through a registration fee of $500.

Additional participants from full member organizations are welcome, as space allows after the initial December 15th registration deadline, through a registration fee of $250.

The registration deadline for this workshop is Monday, December 15th. Please refer to the workshop roster to confirm your organization’s participation before registering. For any questions regarding workshop registration, please contact Jennifer Griffin at griffin@thequilt.net.

Deadline for initial registration is December 15, 2014.

1 Edward Chapel NJEDge.Net
2 Justin Costa OARnet
3 Sarah Couch I-Light
4 James Deaton OneNet
5 Alison Ferreira Internet2
6 Jennifer Griffin The Quilt
7 Fabian Guerrero FRGP / UCAR
8 Akbar Kara LEARN
9 Ami Layman OneNet
10 Jen Leasure The Quilt
11 Lonnie Leger LONI
12 Jeff Letourneau Networkmaine
13 Norwin Malmberg MDREN
14 Marla Meehl FRGP / UCAR
15 Kerry Mobley LEARN
16 Mark Montalto OSHEAN
17 Sheri Prupis NJEDge.Net
18 David Reese CENIC
19 Wendy Rego CEN
20 Brian Remer WiscNet
21 Von Royal OneNet
22 Timothy Rue OSHEAN

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