2014 Winter Member Meeting – Agenda

The Quilt 2014 Winter Member Meeting
La Jolla, California
February 4-7, 2014

Tuesday, February 4th
Location: La Jolla Shores Hotel

Time Topic Location Presenter(s)
1:00-5:00pm Individual Working Group Meeting  La Jolla Shores Hotel
1:00-5:00pm Financial Focus GroupThe Financial Focus Group meeting topics will include: RONs Update – What’s New?, Update on WiscNet’s New Financial World, Elements of Becoming a Strategic CFO/CEO, Employee Benefits are Handled, Marketing – Getting New Members Without Marketing DOllars, NoC Services – Network Monitoring and Cost Aztec Room, 2nd Floor Tessa Charlery, MAX and FFG Chair
2:00-5:00pm Strategies for Building Community through Face-to-Face Member EventsMember relations and community building are vital components of our R&E networks. Face-to-face interactions with members create the biggest impact on developing and retaining member relationships. This session will focus on three components of in-person member engagements – member meetings (including an annual conference to bring members physically to one location), one-to-one meetings, and one-to-many/regional meetings. This roundtable discussion format will ask all participants to share experiences in these three areas. It will also engender engagement of the various positions at member institutions in creating long-lasting member relationships.  



Acapulco Room,

2nd Floor



Meeting hosts:

Elwood Downing, Merit

Sheri Prupis, NJEDge

Ann Zimmerman, OARnet

1:00-2:30pm Quilt Board MeetingQuarterly Board Meeting of The Quilt Board of Directors La Jolla Room, 1st Floor
2:30-3:00pm Internet2 Update on Fee Models La Jolla Room 1st Floor George Loftus, Internet2
3:00-3:30pm Break La Jolla Shores Patio – 1st Floor 
3:30-5:00pm CEO Roundtable DiscussionContinuing the semiannual tradition that leader-peers in R&E networks meet for a roundtable exchange of views, concerns and opportunities. This session is open to all with primary participation by CEOs of R&E networking organizations. La Jolla Room 1st Floor Dave Lois, Chair
6:00-8:00pm Welcome Reception La Jolla Shores Patio – 1st Floor 

Wednesday, February 5th
The Quilt Winter Meeting
Location: La Sala Room at La Jolla Shores Beach and Tennis Club

Time Topic Location Presenter(s)
7:00-8:15am Breakfast Club Dining Patio – La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
8:30-8:45am Meeting Welcome and Introductions La Sala Jen Leasure, The Quilt
8:45-9:45am Invited Address: ESnet and Big DataAs the network serving tens of thousands of DOE researchers at national labs and universities, ESnet plays a critical role in ensuring the DOE scientific community is able to access and share massive datasets for their research.It is a tremendous challenge for ESnet staff to economically deliver innovative approaches to scale the increasingly data-intensive requirements of scientific research.Eli Dart, our invited speaker, oversees the scientific requirements-gathering process at ESnet and will provide excellent insight into how regional networks might adapt to the increasing challenges of extreme-data science.  


La Sala



Eli Dart, ESnet

9:45-10:45 am RON Big Data PanelRegional network representatives will share key insights into their organizations’ efforts to meet the challenges of supporting trends in big data for researchers. La Sala Moderator: Eli Dart, ESnetPanelists:Wendy Huntoon, 3ROXMike Phillips, LEARNDave Reese, CENIC

Paul Schopis, OARnet

Tripti Sinha, MAX

10:45-11:00am Break Club Dining Patio – Beach and Tennis Club
11:00-11:30am Briefing: ARN Big Data Workshop SummaryIn October 2010, a small, focused workshop supported by the NSF, MCNC, and UEN gathered thought leaders from across and beyond the R&E networking community to consider issues surrounding new technologies and services, financial and organizational for Advanced Regional & State Networks (ARNs). Since that workshop, the importance, scope, and scale of data-driven science have continued to increase.Further, a variety of factors are driving ARNs to incorporate into their plans and strategies emerging developments such as software defined networking (SDN) and cloud services. For ARNs and the broader R&E community, these twin threads present both opportunities and challenges. It is in this context that a small group of leaders and strategic thinkers representing the diverse communities driving and affected by the big data trend were invited to attend a workshop in January 2013 to consider the implications, challenges, and opportunities. This presentation will provide an overview of the workshop discussion and outcomes.  




La Sala





Mark Johnson, MCNC and Workshop Co-Chair

11:30-12:00pm Invited Address: Federal Government OMB Mandate for Trusted Internet Connections and Potential Opportunities for Regional NetworksOver the last several years, NOAA’s N-Wave network has relied on the R&E community as trusted partners to achieve both NOAA goals as well as to meet federal requirements for internet connections. This presentation will provide an overview of the federal requirements for basic network architecture as well as inform on where regional networks fit in with both the NOAA plan and possibly other government agencies. La Sala Rob Sears, NOAA
12:00-1:00pm Lunch Club Dining Patio – Beach and Tennis Club 
1:00-1:45pm Invited Address: Legislative Impact of Security Issues on Network OperatorsNetwork operators connect users with a myriad of compliance issues with regulations like FERPA, DMCA, CALEA, FISA, GLBA, SOX and HIPAA. In addition, standards like the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has issued for taking credit cards will further complicate compliance. Organizations connected to networks can face stiff fines levied by federal agencies, law enforcement and credit card processors. Criminal penalties also can apply when violations of HIPAA and GLB occur. Network operators should be aware of when their role may include compliance requirements as they consider services provided to their clients. This presentation will offer a high-level overview of these issues for the network operator.  


La Sala

Claude Garelik, GPN
1:45-2:30pm Briefing: National Telecommunications Policy La Sala John Windhausen, Telepoly Consulting
2:30-3:30pm Briefing: Federated Identity and Access Management for Regional Networks La Sala Shel Waggener, Internet2
3:30-4:00pm Break Club Dining Patio – Beach and Tennis Club 
4:00-5:30pm Smaller Group Meetings and DiscussionsMeeting participants will have the opportunity to participate in one of three break-out sessions planned for this time. Each break-out group will report back to the larger group the next day during the main program. Break-Outs listed below
Above the Net Services Provided by Regional NetworksWith powerful, high bandwidth, low latency, owned and self-provisioned network infrastructures built to serve the unique needs of higher education and other community anchor institutions, regional networks are well positioned to provide a suite of shared/above-the-net services that are specifically offered and supported in a way to meet the niche needs of these institutions. This break-out will aim to broaden the participation of the on-going discussions and agenda of our Quilt Cloud Working Group. Discussion topics include leveraging the expertise of participants in providing above-the-net services, fostering new models for aggregation demand at the community and state level, and helping to facilitate and promote relationships among the regional networks for these services.  


La Jolla Room – La Jolla Shores



Don Welch, Merit

Quilt Member Communications and Outreach Planning Break-Out

  1. Refresher from Advocacy Workshops
  2. Share ideas/best practices around the following topics:
  • Key messages and responses to critics
  • Methods of outreach to current and potential customers
  • Collecting data and stories – participants share examples of infographic ideas, powerful stories, capturing stories
  • Recruitment of grass tops
  • Building strategic events



Acapulco Room – La Jolla Shores






April Goode, OneNet

Sheri Prupis, NJEDge


Regional Networks and OpenFlow Break-outFor this session, several representatives of Quilt members will share their experiences and key insights into OpenFlow deployments for regional networks. Presentations and discussions will focus on:

  • Panel Overview – Current State of OpenFlow
    • R&E Reasons for interest in OpenFlow
    • How Open is OpenFlow?
    • Review of OpenFlow switch marketplace
  • Panel Discussion
    • OpenFlow in the network – experimental vs. production
    • Lessons learned
    • Important considerations for campuses and regionals
  • Group discussion

La Sala – Beach and Tennis Club




Brian Court, CENIC

Ron Hutchins, SoX

Bill Owens, NYSERNet

5:30pm Smaller Group Meetings Conclude Dinner on Own

Thursday, February 6th
The Quilt Winter Meeting
Location: La Sala Room at La Jolla Shores Beach and Tennis Club (Morning)

Time Topic Location Presenter(s)
7:00-8:15am Breakfast Club Dining Patio – La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
8:30-10:00am Quilt Member Outreach and Communication Strategies La Sala
8:30-9:00am Invited Address: OneNet’s Advocacy Plan in ActionThe Quilt hosted a series of outreach and advocacy workshops in 2012. These workshops had a particularly positive impact on one of our member organizations, OneNet, in the last year. OneNet will share with us an update on how it was able to use the information from these workshops to turn organizational challenges into new opportunities. La Sala OneNet Team
9:00-9:45am Panel Discussion: Key Elements of R&E Network Communication PlansA panel of regional network representatives will share elements of their organization’s communication plans and key learnings in implementing different communication strategies. La Sala Moderator: Jen Leasure, The QuiltPanelists:Marianne Chitwood, I-LightJeff Custard, FRGPJohn Gillispie, MOREnet

Veronica Sarjeant, FLR

9:45-10:00am Briefing: Report from Communications and Outreach Break-out Session La Sala April Goode, OneNetSheri Prupis, NJEDge
10:00-10:15am Break(Boxed Lunches Available served at Break) Club Dining Patio – Beach and Tennis Club
10:15-10:30am Lessons Learned form SC12 and Oppertunities to Showcase RONs at SC13 La Sala Jim Stewart. UEN
10:30-10:45am Briefing: Report from Above-the-Net Services Provided by Regional Networks Break-out Session La Sala Don Welch, Merit
10:45-11:15am Briefing: Report from Regional Network and OpenFlow Break-out Session La Sala Ron Hutchins, SoX
11:15-11:45 Hold for Quilt Project Updates La Sala Jen Leasure, The Quilt
11:45-12:00pm Wrap-UpMeeting Adjourns(Boxed Lunches Available served at Break) La Sala Jen Leasure, The Quilt
12:00-1:00pm Lunch for Departing Quilt Member Meeting Attendees  Club Dining Patio – Beach and Tennis Club

Thursday, February 7th

InCommon Workshop
Location: La Jolla Shores Hotel (Afternoon)

Goal: Develop and document a framework for a new distributed federation model (DFM) that would extend InCommon Federation Services to K-12 (and other CAI’s) in collaboration with Regional networks or State HE Systems.

Time Topic Location Presenter(s)
12:00-1:00pm Lunch La Jolla Shores Patio – 1st Floor
1:00-1:15pm General Session: Welcome, scoping the discussions, some level setting, goals, and agenda review. Acapulco Room – George Laskaris, NJEDge.Net- Shel Waggener, Internet2
1:15-3:00pm Administrative/Policy Breakout SessionDevelop and document an Administrative Framework for a Distributed Federation Model (DFM) by looking at fundamental principles, possible changes to business models, membership status, delegation of certain responsibilities, and changes to governance and policy groups. Acapulco Room or La Jolla Room (TBD) Facilitators:- Michael Berman, CSU Channel Islands- George Laskaris, NJEDge.Net- John Moore, MCNC- Jack Suess, UMBC/InCommon
Technical Breakout SessionDevelop and documenta Technical Framework for a DFM by examining IAM requirements, possible IdP models / configurations for Regionals, changes to metadata management, and enabling tools.

  1. Quick review of K-12 federation challenges
  2. What are our “Distributed Federation Services” requirements?
  3. Are we talking about Interfederation or a single metadata aggregate?

Choose a Federation Model and populate the (Technical) Framework Template

Acapulco Room or La Jolla Room (TBD) Facilitators:- Paul Caskey, U. Texas System- Mark Scheible, MCNC
3:00-3:15pm Break La Jolla Shores Patio – 1st Floor 
3:15-5:00pm Breakout Sessions Continue…   Acapulco Roomor La Jolla Room Track Facilitators
6:00-8:00pm InCommon / CANARIE Reception La Jolla Shores Patio – 1st Floor

Friday, February 8th
InCommon Workshop
Location: La Jolla Shores Hotel

Time Topic Location Presenter(s)
7:00-8:15am Breakfast La Jolla Shores Patio – 1st Floor
8:30-9:00am Quick Review of Thursday’s work and any needed alignment between tracks, review of goals for today  Acapulco Room Track Facilitators
9:00-10:00am Administrative/Policy Breakout Session Finish work on DFM Framework(s), discuss and capture requirements for potential pilots Acapluco Room or La Jolla Room Facilitators:- Michael Berman, CSU Channel Islands- George Laskaris, NJEDge.Net- John Moore, MCNC- Jack Suess, UMBC/InCommon
Technical Breakout Session

  1. How does the content of the Administrative/Policy Framework impact the Technical Framework (if at all) and make adjustments if necessary
  2. Capture Pilot Requirements
  3. Pilot Proposal(s)
Acapluco Room or La Jolla Room Facilitators:-Paul Caskey, U. Texas System- Mark Scheible, MCNC
10:00-10:15am Break(Boxed Lunches Available) Acapulco Corridor – 2nd Floor
10:15-11:45pm General Session: Sharing, aligning, planning, and next steps (e.g. White Paper, new InCommon Working Groups, future work)  Acapulco Room -John Moore, MCNC- Jack Suess, UMBC/InCommon
12:00pm Workshop Adjourns

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