2014 Fall Member Meeting – Leadership Workshop

The Role of the Leader and the Process of Leadership
September 11-12, 2014


Develop your leadership skills and philosophy in a workshop facilitated by Don Welch, President and CEO, Merit Network. Don is certified by Academy Leadership to deliver their industry leading program and has won awards from Academy Leadership on his quality of instruction.

Through this Quilt hosted workshop, Quilt member attendees will come away with a better understanding of what leadership is, its importance, and how they can become better leaders. Leadership is based on trust and this workshop focuses on ways to build trust with your team.

Additional information about the workshop can be found here:
Quilt Leadership Workshop Flyer

The cost of the workshop materials from Academy Leadership is $500 per attendee for the four modules of the workshop.  As part of its professional development program this year, The Quilt will cover 50% of the workshop costs for the first workshop attendee from each full Quilt member organization for a total registration fee of $250 to recover the costs of materials.  A single attendee from Affiliate organizations are welcome to register through a registration fee of $500.

Additional participants from full member organizations are welcome, as space allows after the initial August 1st registration deadline, but will need to pay the full cost of the workshop materials through a registration fee of $500.

The registration deadline for this workshop is Friday, August 1. Please refer to the workshop roster below to confirm your organization’s participation before registering.  For any questions regarding workshop registration, please contact Jennifer Griffin at griffin@thequilt.net.

The workshop will consist of four key parts:

  • Your Personal Leader’s Compass: A World Class Leadership Tool
    You will learn about the leader’s Compass as a leadership tool and why it is so effective. You will create your own Leader’s Compass as a part of the course. Includes the book, The leader’s Compass by Ed Ruggero and Dennis Haley.
  • Communication, the Most Important Skills for Leaders
    This module will cover a systems approach to communication, the causes of communications problems, how messages become distorted, effective listening and tips for improving communication.
  • Creating a Motivational Climate
    You will better understand why motivation is the key to success. You will learn the leading motivational theories and how to apply them in the workplace. Ultimately, you will be better able to create a motivation climate in your team.
  • Coaching to Develop People
    You will learn the nice characteristics of effective coaches and five keys to great coaching. You will practice conducting performance counseling applying the guidelines for gaining and developing productive feedback.


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