2013 R&E Network CEO Round Table – Roster

The R&E Network CEO Round Table
Summer Meeting – July 17-18, 2013
Nashville, Tennessee
Hosted by Education Networks of America


1 Shaun Abshere WiscNet
2 Marianne Chitwood ILIGHT
3 Bob Collie Education Networks of America
4 Joe Freddoso MCNC
5 John Gillispie MOREnet
6 Jennifer Griffin The Quilt
7 Mark Johnson MCNC
8 George Laskaris NJEDge.Net
9 Joseph Lazor FLR
10 Jeff Letourneau NetworkMaine
11 Al Lind KyRON
12 Dave Lois WiscNet
13 Norwin Malmberg MDREN
14 David Marble OSHEAN
15 Gayle Nelson Education Networks of America
16 Veronica Sarjeant FLR
17 Paul Schopis OARnet
18 Scott Taylor CEN
19 Ray Timothy UEN


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