The University of New Mexico’s Information Technologies has established the Albuquerque GigaPoP (ABQG), an aggregation point of networks to provide high-bandwidth network accessibility to the State of New Mexico. ABQG is the on-ramp for high speed National Networks. These high speed networks are the Western Regional Network (WRN) and Internet2 (I2).

New Mexico remains a mostly rural state with major population centers in seven separate areas spread throughout the state. The ABQG is a non-profit initiative owned and operated by the University of New Mexico providing advance scientific application to enhance networking services to enable a new generation of innovators on New Mexico campuses that will prompt new jobs and economic growth for the state; allowing for greater connectivity and capacity to learning environments in research and education; and continue to connect national labs, advanced research networks, K-20 schools, healthcare facilities, and city and state networks that are built for performance, reliability, efficiency, and affordability to meet the growing needs of New Mexicans who need high speed and high volume bandwidth.

By developing partnerships, leveraging technological assets, reducing duplication, and sharing large bandwidth pipes, ABQG can consult and recommend how to best serve remote locations where local commercial ISPs or service consortiums can complete the outreach to the most rural areas. ABQG does not carry residential Internet traffic.

Additionally available is access to commodity Internet 1 (I1) and national and local peering to keep in-state traffic local. The interconnection of separate Internet networks exchanging traffic between the participating partners provides more efficient traffic, a higher bandwidth connection, reduced Internet 1 (commodity) traffic, and network reliability through dual networks for concurrent connectivity.

Working together with the State of New Mexico and colleges and universities, the networks can support state-mandated programs (and vice versa) including:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Public Safety
  • Health
  • Economic Development