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World’s Fastest Computer Network Coming to Denver

This week in Denver, Colorado, The Colorado Convention Center will be home to the fastest computer network, SCinet. The massive 1 Terabit network, was built over the last 12 months by over 100 volunteer engineers representing industry, academia and government institutions and more than $20 million in donated equipment along with 90-plus miles of newly-installed fiber cable lines in the Convention Center. SCinet, will support more than 10,000 conference attendees as they unveil their latest innovations in high-performance computing applications throughout the weeklong event. As it does each year, SCinet will be provisioning an unprecedented amount of bandwidth into the conference’s host location and will connect multiple 100G circuits in collaboration with leading national and international research networks, resulting in total bandwidth of nearly 1 Terabit per second.

SC13 will not only showcase the next-generation of high performance computing applications but it will also be home to several innovative network research projects through a special program called the SCinet Network Research Exhibition (NRE). As a key component of SCinet, the NRE is designed to enable researchers to experiment and demonstrate their ideas on innovative network architectures, applications and protocols in the unique live environment of the SCinet network. This year, the NRE will provide researchers with dedicated access to multiple 100 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) wide area network links.

For more information on selected NRE projects that will be showcased as part of the Conference program and demonstrated in several booths visit: http://sc13.supercomputing.org/content/scinet-network-research-exhibition

If you are planning to attend SC13, don’t miss our Quilt members’ booths which include Great Plains Network (1341), Indiana University (1317), MREN/StarLight as part of the Laboratory for Advanced Computing/Open Cloud (828), the National Center for Atmospheric Research (818), Ohio Supercomputing Center (2713), Pacific Wave (326), Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (1132), the University of Utah (3327) among others.