About Us

The Quilt is the national coalition of advanced regional networks for research and education, representing 36 networks across the country. Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 300 universities and thousands of other educational institutions.
With the goal of promoting consistent, reliable, interoperable and efficient advanced networking services that extend to the broadest possible community; and to represent common interests in the development and delivery of advanced network services, The Quilt:

Facilitates collaboration among regional networks
Advocates on behalf of regional networks, and
Helps regional networks leverage their collective experience and buying power.

Our Mission

Through The Quilt, non-profit regional research and education networks collaborate to develop, deploy and operate advanced cyberinfrastructure that enables innovation in research and education.

Our Name

Just like the various fabric patches of a quilt highlight different colors, patterns and textures, each regional network reflects the diversity and the unique qualities found in different parts of the country and the different institutions that particular network serves. Yet all regional patches must be stitched together seamlessly, coherently and interoperably to serve a larger
purpose and community.

The Value of Research and Education Networks (PDF)