The NSFCloud Workshop on Experimental Support for Cloud Computing

The NSFCloud Workshop on Experimental Support for Cloud Computing will be held on December 11-12, 2014 at the Waterview Conference Center at 1919 N. Lynn Street, Arlington VA 22209.

Workshop participation will be based on the submission of short (1-2 page) position papers due October 31st, 2014. These should describe the author’s research experiments. Accepted position papers will be made public on the workshop website and authors of those papers will be invited to attend the workshop.

While this effort seeks to build on prior NSF investments, such as the GENI and FutureGrid testbeds, it will specifically target the field of cloud computing and seek to support and integrate research in this area with innovate solutions in systems, networking, and cyber-physical system (CPS) research thereby defining a broad research agenda for the future.

The Chameleon and CloudLab projects funded under this initiative in 2014 are now being built and it is critical to initiate a dialogue between the research community and the experimental platform providers, detailing the expectations on one side and capabilities on the other.

This workshop has two objectives:

  • To inform the Computer Science research community of current plans for experimental facilities to be developed under the NSFCloud program, and
  • To solicit community feedback that will shape those plans and the development of those facilities.

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