Member Travel Grants for Next-Generation R&E Networking Leaders

Together with its members, The Quilt serves as an advocate for the next-generation of research and education (R&E) networking leaders. To help cultivate future leaders, The Quilt has set aside a pool of funds for travel grants for 2018. These funds, intended for up-and-coming member staff as identified by their executive leadership, enable these individuals to travel to Quilt member meetings who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.

Quilt meetings provide a valuable opportunity in a national forum for participants to exchange information on best practices for operating R&E networks, hear from experts on key topics, and engage with their peers around the country.

Application Details

Travel grant applications will be announced prior to each Quilt member event in 2018. The deadline for grant applications for our upcoming Quilt 2018 Fall Member Meeting in College Park, Maryland, is Tuesday, August 7, 2018.  Applications should be sent to: with the subject “Quilt Travel Grant Application“.

Any applications received after the deadline will be considered only if funding remains available after evaluating the applications received on or before the due date.  Applications will be reviewed by The Quilt’s Prom Committee comprised of representatives of Quilt member organizations. Preference will be given to applications for women and/or minorities.  Grant awardees will be notified at least 14 days in advance of the conference in order to qualify for preferable airline ticket pricing.

Grant Application Review Criteria

  • The Quilt will aim to allocate equal amounts of grant funding to each of its two member meetings planned in 2018
  • Travel grants will be prioritized by first funding applications from a range of Quilt member organizations before funding multiple applications from a single member organization
  • Priority for travel grants will be given to individuals who have not previously received travel grant funding
  • Women and minority applications are strongly encouraged

Contents of Application
Applications for a travel grant should contain:

  • Biography: a brief description of the applicant(s), including name, title, business or school affiliation, address, and contact information
  • Application: A brief letter explaining the applicant’s interest in participating in a Quilt event, why the applicant’s participation in the event would be beneficial to the candidate. The application should also include a brief explanation of the need for travel grant assistance and why otherwise participation in the event would not be possible.
  • Cost Estimate: An estimate of the round-trip airfare from the candidate’s home airport to the conference area airport and the number of nights of hotel accommodations the applicant expects to need.
  • Indication of Management Support: The application should also include an indication that the applicant’s manager supports the applicant’s request to participate in the event.

Grants are available only to representatives of Quilt member organizations with the approval of the organization’s management.

Trip Report
Travel grant recipients will be asked to submit a short (no more than one page) trip report regarding their participation in the meeting. This trip report should describe the discussions at the meeting of most interest/benefit to them that they may apply to their current roles and responsibilities. Trip reports should be submitted no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the meeting and should be directed to recipient’s management and Jen Leasure at The Quilt.

What Travel Grant Awardees Say About the Program

“I brought back new ideas and friendships. The knowledge gained in two days was valuable and I can leverage these best practices in my work going forward. All of the attendees made me feel incredibly welcome and I sincerely appreciate all the members making me feel included.” – Mary Ann Zbydnowski, OARnet

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to help MCNC’s constituents address their security challenges. Attending the Quilt’s annual member conference has provided me insight into issues and challenges that I’ll need to address in order to be successful in achieving my goals, and I’m much better equipped to make a difference for our constituents. I look forward to continued work with members of the Quilt in the future.” – Chris Beal, MCNC

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Diversity Efforts and WINS Project presentation from Wendy Huntoon. It was great to see the scholarship recipients and hear about their experiences with being female engineers in a predominately male industry. For me, it’s always encouraging to have strong, inspiring women around, making their presence known with the phenomenal work that’s being done – Wendy and Marla are prime examples of this. Wendy’s straightforwardness and honesty on the lack of women in the tech industry, was excellent. I would love to learn more about the WINS program and how OSHEAN could help moving forward.” – Nimota Garcia, OSHEAN

“This is an inspiring group that you can tell puts a lot into what they do and sincerely care about this community and the services they provide. Thank you for allowing me to participate.” – Michael Carey, KINBER