OpenFlow Enabled Switch Purchase Program


The Quilt has a successful history of leveraging the collective purchasing power of its participants to enable The Quilt community to purchase advanced networking technology and services at a lower cost. In the spring of 2012, The Quilt issued its first 2012 OpenFlow Enabled Switch Request for Proposal (RFP). In collaboration with the GENI Program Office, this effort aimed to support the regional networking organizations who are participating in GENI Spiral 4 with one of its goal to expanding the scale of GENI by deploying GENI racks within regional networks and by GENI-enabling campuses using OpenFlow. The specific RFP goals are to:

  • define a preferred set of configurations for OpenFlow-enabled equipment for the research and education networking community
  • provide a procurement vehicle for a sensible set of switch options with favorable pricing for regional and campus networks to purchase OpenFlow-enabled equipment
  • promote and enable software-defined networking capabilities to scale to more regional and campus networks by leveraging our community’s collective experience and interest
  • identify and partner with equipment providers who are creating a new development platform around the ideas of OpenFlow

From this RFP effort, the following vendors were selected:

Each of these vendors met the current set of preferred features and configurations as outlined in the RFP. Each demonstrated a willing to partner with the R&E community to create a new development platform around the ideas of OpenFlow and also provides a unique set of capabilities to contribute to a suite of switch options for regional and campus networks. A willingness to perform third-party interoperability testing with other OpenFlow-enabled switches was also a key selection criteria.
Vendor Program Details and Pricing

  1. Pricing under the program is effective October 1, 2012.  The purchasing program resulting from this RFP is available to Quilt members and their Authorized Quilt Buyers for OpenFlow-enabled equipment.
  2. Authorized Buyers may access specific vendor details either by contacting the vendors directly or by logging into to access the confidential vendor program information.
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  3. Summary of OpenFlow Enabled Switch RFP Process (PDF)
  4. Should you have any questions regarding the availability of the program to your institution, please contact your regional network or Jen Leasure at